A Multi-UAV System for Detection and Elimination of Multiple Targets

Abstract: The problem of safe interception of multiple intruder drones by a team of cooperating autonomous aerial vehicles is addressed in this paper. The presented work is motivated by an MBZIRC 2020 competition, where this task was simplified to an interaction with a set of static and dynamic objects (balloons and a drone), and by a real autonomous aerial interception system Eagle.One that our team is working on. We propose a general control, perception, and coordination system for fast and reliable interception of targets in a 3D environment relying only on onboard sensors and processing. The proposed methods and the entire complex multi-robot system were successfully verified in demanding desert conditions, with the main focus on reliability and fast deployment. In the MBZIRC competition, the proposed approach exhibited the best reliability and fastest solution and was a crucial element of the system winning the entire competition and achieving second place in the intruder drone interception scenario.