The Multi-robot Systems Group integrates various research disciplines required for design, implementation, experimental evaluation and application of complex robotic systems. Our group welcomes cooperation in EU Research and Development projects and is open to R&D collaboration with industrial partners. We offer student projects for PhD, Master's and Bachelor's degrees.



  • Agile swarming of aerial robots with onboard relative localization
  • Compact formations of cooperating autonomous UAVs
  • Model predictive control and learning-based control for agile flight
  • Multimodal state estimation in GPS-denied environments
  • Collision avoidance, mapping, and localization in high-speed flight
  • Onboard computer vision and artificial intelligence
  • Aerial manipulation and physical interaction


  • Search & rescue scenarios
  • Precise agriculture
  • Warehouse monitoring
  • Surveillance and security
  • Cargo delivery and inspection

Industrial Cooperation

  • Cooperative aerial documentation of historical buildings
  • Inspection of powerlines and other large linear infrastructures
  • Protection against unauthorized drones
  • Autonomous aerial firefighting