University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Control and navigation in manoeuvres of formations of unmanned mobile vehicles

Design of a method for controlling formations of autonomous nonholonomic vehicles in order to reach a desired target region. The approach is based on utilization of pairs of virtual leaders whose control inputs are obtained in a single optimization process using model predictive control (MPC) methodology. The obtained solution of the optimization includes both a complete plan for the formation including the overall structure of robots’ workspace and control inputs for each vehicle. This ensures collision-free trajectories between the robots as well as dynamic obstacles. The proposed method enables to autonomously design arbitrary manoeuvres, like reverse driving or rotations of compact formations of car-like robots.


Autonomous "snow" shoveling of an airport model.

A group of autonomous robots cooperatively cleaning a model of airport from artificial snow. The approach is based on a model predictive control technique.

Navigation, localization and stabilization of formations of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles.

A leader-follower formation driving algorithm developed for control of heterogeneous groups of unmanned micro aerial and ground vehicles stabilized under a top-view relative localization is presented. The core of the proposed method lies in a novel avoidance function, in which the entire 3D formation is represented by a convex hull projected along a desired path to be followed by the group.



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