GAČR - Stabilization of μ-UAV swarms under decentralized relative localization

In this project, a methodology enabling outdoor deployment of swarms of μ-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (μ-UAVs) will be established and experimentally verified. Principles of a decentralized relative localization of neighboring particles will be designed and integrated to swarm behaviors with an aim to keep reciprocal visibility between neighbors. This enables to employ μ-UAV swarms outside laboratories equipped by a precise positioning system. Besides, a concept of adaptively evolving swarm behaviors will be established to decrease relative localization uncertainty. To enable multi-robot applications, theoretical principles of determining desired shapes of μ-UAV swarms will be designed. Finally, a decentralized collective decision making mechanism will be established with a theory identifying necessary assumptions of the switching between different swarm behaviors. This research will be aimed at a study of observed autonomous behaviors of μ-UAV swarms. All methods will be accompanied with proofs of stability or convergence, and verified via numerical simulations and outdoor experiments.